The history of the Chinatown community


This mural was co-designed with artist Wen-ti Tsen, David Fichter and painted with many community and artist volunteers.

his mural is not only beautiful, but there is also a very interesting story to it. The path of the cloth from the top to the bottom of the mural traces out the progress made by immigrant women in Boston Chinatown. Wen-ti Tsen, David Fichter wanted to represent the different Chinese jobs result to their immigration.


At the end of the 19th century, a lot of Chinese  decided to run away from their country’s crysis. The life in china is very difficult at the time, because of the economic hardships. This people was in search of the American dream: going to the US and find jobs, find gold, becoming rich and being happy. They expected to become wealthy and they idealized life there. But when they arrived in America, they were accepted any kind of back-breaking job to survive. Europeans and white Americans looked down on Chinese. The 1882 Exclusion Act prevented them from owning land or marrying white people, or reuniting with their families in China. They were considered dangerous and different, often referred to as “yellow peril”.


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