Angel Island
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From 1910-1940, Chinese immigrants were detained and interrogated at Angel Island immigration station in San Francisco Bay. U.S.  Men and women were separately and spent much of their time in the barracks. The immigrants expressed their fears through messages and poems written. Some immigrants were detained during years. Angel Island can be compared to Ellis Island. Both immigration stations were meant to regulate migratory flows towards America. The immigrants could be viewed with suspicion by some Americans. The immigrants were afraid of staying for a long time on this island or of being deported to their country.

For example: Don Lee narrates the Asian immigration in the USA in 1910 at 1940 during an interview for a radio report. Indeed, he relates hi arrival on Angel Island. He narrates his experience when he was 11 years old, when he left to join his father in America. Over these years, 1 million immigrants from 90 different countries went through a difficult ordeal. Eventually, he landed in Angel Island.

Historic photo of im mmigrants on Angel Island Pier


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